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"Dr. Ostwald's exceptional skill, expertise and sensitivity creates the best possible dental experience contributing to the quality of each patient's life."

"Going to the dentist, fun, don't get carried away, but making it pleasant and easy...absolutely! Having a solo practitioner and a really kind staff makes all the difference. For the past four years Dr. Ostwald has been replacing my aging fillings with porcelain fillings and crowns. Gone is the look of those silver fillings, and much healthier as well. These appointments require good anesthetic and he is terrific. Quick, careful, completely knowledgeable, and then I'm numb! The rest should be a piece of cake except I have Restless Leg Syndrome, so after about 15 minutes I have involuntary jerking in my legs making the whole procedure agonizing for me to lie there and challenging for him to work on someone who moves. It has gotten worse over the years, but we deal with it together by taking breaks at proper intervals. It takes a bit longer but, we get the job done.

The most inportant part is that I never feel like I am taking too much of Dr. Ostwald's time. He understands.

If you need a dentist and an office with a caring attitude, come to this office and be greeted and treated with a smile."
Ruth D.